Typography Ramblings

This week we are reading about and putting into practice what we’ve learned about typography. I have found, once again, that the lynda.com tutorials are extremely helpful for a beginner. I now have Font Squirrel saved as one of my favorites and will probably use the site often throughout the semester.

Ellen Lupton’s book, Thinking With Type was also very helpful and full of examples. I did find it slightly less easy to read as last week’s book, likely because type is not as an exciting topic for me. Lupton did make an effort to bring the reader in, though, and I appreciated this very much. One does wonder what more we will learn about type next week.


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2 responses to “Typography Ramblings

  1. I agree that taken by itself the text can be tedious at times, but the fact she nested it within the design made the entire book (for me) very interesting to read. It was very appealing and inspiring. Everything worked together–the design, text, and illustrations. Lupton approached the topic from a total design philosophy and it all synchronized together seamlessly to convey meaning. It was almost like a building designed by Mackintosh, Gaudi, or Wright.

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