Type Assignment Trials

As our type assignment comes due, I find that I am struggling less with the code than I thought I would. I’ve been able to embed the fonts with no problem, add a header, footer, navigation buttons, subheads and so on and so forth. The problems that I am having are with line-length, and floating an image where it sits next to the text of a paragraph rather than above or below it on its own line.

The lines on the main content of my Type page go all the way to the sidebar on the left and all the way to the edge of the content wrapper on the right. When I put in: line-length: ##px; under the content heading, nothing happens. Am I putting it in the wrong place or giving it the wrong command?

With the image, I’ve gotten it to show up and I’ve commanded it to float: right; but it doesn’t insert itself into the text like my pullquote does. Am I missing a command perhaps?

I find that once started, I can lose track of time playing with the code. With assistance from my fellow classmates and looking at previous student’s work, I seem to manage my time enough to get on to other projects and I hope that will be the case with this assignment as well.


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3 responses to “Type Assignment Trials

  1. Amber,
    Re: line-length, I may be wrong, but I think the bullet point on the assignment actually refers to the “line-height” rule, i.e. how much space is between your lines of text. It sounds like the problem you’re having is related to padding. If you add padding to your content div, your text should have more room to breathe.

    To float your image with text wrapping around it, I think you need to create a new class for your images. Mine is called “img.floatRight” (or left) and then has rules for where it will float and margins, etc. Then in your HTML within the “img” tags, you’ll include class = “floatRight.” Hope this makes sense!

  2. I know what you mean losing track of time playing with it–ditto! Looks great.

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