Photoshop Phun

After reading some of The Non-Designer’s Photoshop Book by Robin Williams and John Tollett and watching some of the Photoshop CS5 for the Web tutorials by Jan Kabili, I immediately whitened my teeth, made myself thinner, and “healed” my red-face in several of my own photos. For practice reasons, of course. Then, I began to think about how the applications that I’ve learned (beyond those that I have just mentioned) will assist me in my website projects.

Keeping in mind last week’s critiques, I though of how I can invert a picture to make sure that any people in the image are looking inward at the text, how I can change some colors to make sure my color scheme works. I am also contemplating making my own icons for my project and how that might help or hinder my design. Most importantly, I am thinking about how important my images are to pull in the interest of the reader, to illustrate the points I’ve made in my text, and to be aesthetically pleasing to both myself and my readers.  

While it is frustrating that Photoshop elements does not seem immediately able to keep up with the much more expensive version of CS5, what I have learned to use will be very helpful.


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3 responses to “Photoshop Phun

  1. I tried out a few of the photoshop lessons on “airbrushing” that you mentioned…they were a lot of fun to mess around with! Although, I may not have the required patience for using the liquify tool…I wish I had one of those digital pen/pads for some of the techniques that are shown. I found that the mouse is not always the best extension for the hand.

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  3. I’m also excited about editing my photos to make my website more appealing to the everyday web browser. It seems that this will be very useful for your project seeing as how it is focused on a museum. I am sure that they will be more than grateful for your creative expertise in photoshop!

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