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Our assignment this week for our blogs is to find “dork shorts” or quick helpful resources for our projects. As someone who had never used Dreamweaver or Photoshop before this class, I feel like every resource we have used is extremely helpful for me. Most helpful for me has been Kim Glombisky and Rebecca Hagen’s book, White Space is Not Your Enemy. Their conversational tone and thorough explanations helpfully explain the basic concepts of design. That is not quite the assignment though.

I was not sure what to put down for this assignment until I came across a picture in Pinterest. As I was scrolling through the many images on the site, I came across one that is of a woman’s mouth with her tongue coming out in process of licking her lips. Her tongue, however, is oddly shaped. It looks as though it is transforming into some sort of lizard. When I clicked on the image, there was a link to a website that shows how to transform two images into one in Photoshop, Upon clicking around on the site,, I found that it is full of tutorials for Photoshop effects. The tutorials range in difficulty from the really basic like creating a new background for a selected image to the advanced like zombifying an image. The site seems to be a very useful tool and I will probably find lots of fun things to try on my photos from here.

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