Design Details

The truth about web design is that we need both good content and good aesthetic qualities for our sites to be successful. As Carole Guevin notes in her article, “Visual Architecture: The Rule of Three,”  “some research results indicate that online, there is a 6 seconds (or less) pitch time to grab the attention of the audience!” With such a small window of time to catch a reader, it is important to make the site “pretty.”

By making the site “pretty” I mean to use the helpful tips given to us by the three articles we read this week, Guevin’s article (previously mentioned), Jakob Neilsen’s article, “Guidelines for Visualizing Links,” and Luke Wroblewski’s article, “Visible Narratives: Understanding Visual Organization.” Guevin tells us about the rule of three and how to best layout images in order to grab attention. Neilsen keeps accessibility in mind when showing us how to best include links for our readers to click on in a way that they will understand and fit with our designs. Finally, Wroblewski discusses the bigger picture in design with tips on how to layout a page so that the reader will follow it with their eyes.

All of these articles lead back to Kim Glombisky and Rebecca Hagen’s book, White Space is Not Your Enemy. Each new bit of design advice gives me more to think of when designing for my Design Project and for my final web project. Even what is just mentioned in class is proving to be very helpful, such as the concept of facing people in images in towards the text and making sure a pull quote is at the top of the page so it is immediately readable for the scanning reader. Now, let’s see if I can remember all of these tips when creating my site!



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