Image Assignment Updated

I didn’t really blog about my image assignment as I put the preliminary page up. So, I thought now might be a good time as I have just updated the page to reflect the critique I received in class.

I found the assignment very fun, if time-consuming. Especially for a new Photoshop user, it was very important to take the time to experiment with the different tools. As an art historian, some might assume that I already have an eye for images and have an idea of what might need to be done to fix it. While this might be true, it does not mean that I know HOW to fix it.

I struggled the most with the coloring a black and white image. The magnetic lasso tool is not always great at selecting everything that you want it to (or not selecting parts that you don’t want). Skin tones are hard to match. It’s hard to find the right opacity level for certain colors. BUT, with a little experimentation and a LOT of time, I seemed to figure it out. As suggested by Dr. Petrik, I have since added little white dots in my father’s eyes, to give it a little more life. I was surprised at just what a difference it made. It isn’t a difference that is really noticeable unless you see it without them, I think.

I also fixed the proximity issue by taking some space out between sections in the page. Then, I added more text to better explain what steps I took while restoring these images. Finally, I sharpened the vignette of my grandfather and blurred the edges.

I am happy with the results but would love any further feedback to step it up even more!

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