Design Assignment Critique

This week’s blog assignment is to offer constructive criticism of one of our classmate’s design assignment. Here is David’s helpful critique of my assignment. I will be looking at Celeste Sharp’s page.

Overall, I would say Celeste has a very readable, easy to traverse page. I am assuming that this will be her homepage of her final project.

The best things about this page are:

  • the color palate. The muted tones of the background allow the headings and photos to stand out. And the burgundy of the headings adds a pop of color without taking it overboard. I also like that the hover color of the nav. bar is that same burgundy color. I suspect these colors are good choices for your time period.
  • I like the font for the header, it’s decorative but still readable and likely goes with your time period as well.
  • CARP: Contrast- The contrast of the two colored photos and the color from the nav bar and sub heads are good.
  • CARP: Alignment- The text next to the photos does not align exactly with the top of the pictures but it is consistent all the way down and does not look bad.
  • CARP: Repitition- The photos on are on the left with text to the right and are close to the same size.
  • CARP: Proximity- The spacing between the text is good as well as the space between the images.

I have just a few suggestions for improvement:

  • The line separating the explanatory text and the clickable images clearly separates that there are two different sections, however, when scrolled all the way to the top, it makes it look like that is the end of the page. I would maybe recommend fleshing out the text to explain the project in a little more detail or just taking out the decorative line and bringing up the first image.
  • CARP: Contrast- I think that adding more colored images would help the contrast just a bit more or a brighter image in the header.
  • CARP: Alignment – no suggestions.
  • CARP: Repitition – no suggestions.
  • CARP: Proximitiy- perhaps a little more padding around the images and the edge of the page on the right would give it a little more room to breathe.

I enjoyed reading the page and hope my suggestions are helpful!


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2 responses to “Design Assignment Critique

  1. Amber, thanks so much for your comments! They are indeed helpful. I’ve been struggling with how to transition between the descriptive text and the clickable images, and always with padding, so I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind.

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