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This week, David Mckenzie and I agreed to re-critique each other’s sites so we can get a feel for how our updates from last week’s classes seem to go over.  I think that we have both found that friends and family are proud and love our web-sites, but don’t want to tell us negative things or don’t have the tools to give us the sort of critical feedback that our classmates aren’t afraid to give.

On David’s site, Familiar Strangers, it is clear that he addressed the issues that the class pointed out last week.

  • Boxes: We talked a lot in class about boxes and how we have too many of them. I really like that the header and footer boxes are rounded, taking away the harshness of the box. I appreciate that you took away the “grid” that was on the page before but I feel like you went just a bit too far in the opposite direction. Having the text off to the left of the header in the home page throws off the alignment and just feels off.
  • Color: This goes along with the boxes, but I don’t think you need to have the container background color and the wrapper background color all the same. Having two opposite colors for the two makes a harsh line and highlights the boxyness but if you do two shades of one color, it works better. I really like how the two shades of one color work nicely together in your blog. Maybe you could use that technique? But I do like the combination of the burgundy, blue, and ivory. It works well with the feel of  the site.
  • Organization: I think the site is very organized and leads the viewer through very nicely. I don’t mind that the sidebar navigation is in the margin on the left as it is separate from the text. There are a few pages where the text is pushed to the left, like the main page under Washington. I’m assuming that images are going to the right. If not, i would spread the text out.

All in all, I don’t think there is too much to change. It’s a really good site that is put together really well.  You’ve got a LOT of information and make it easy for people to find and understand. Hope this helps!



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3 responses to “Website Review

  1. I am very impressed with the amount of information and fantastic images in your final web site, Amber! The updated design is very easy to navigate with the horizontal navigation bar. The headers offer both snazzy fonts and eye-catching images placed artistically along the edges. These elements encourage the eye to keep moving and seek further images and information. The headings provide enough information to capture attention and to guide the reader further and further into the pages and pairing a similar heading with different images creates site consistency along with artistic detail. Including information about the header artworks in the footer seems a good compromise between finding a place and not crowding the image at the top. I think my favorite is the “Petitte passe” on the art prize banner.
    I especially enjoyed the section on the Meijer Gardens – the images are gorgeous and really pop against the minimalist background that facilitates reading and enjoyment of the images. The Kaushan Script font is easy to read and reminds me of an artist signature and provides a good contrast to the content font. There does seem to be a pattern of image at the top of the page and image at the bottom – a rather nice theme that helps break up text while adding in the images that make us want to get a flight to the Midwest.
    All in all, the site offers a pleasing blend of content and in artwork. Well done!

  2. I agree with Sheri– the quality of your images are wonderful. I really like the change you have made with your color scheme for the website: it looks great, and now it’s much easier to read the information that you have presented. Nice work!

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